Pam has been with me through two companies. She is very organized, detail oriented and mindful of receivables and payables. Reasonable, trustworthy and dependable would be her strongest traits.” - Diana Ross, IFG Himalayan Salts, Inc.

"She is very detail oriented, does excellent work, meets deadlines, keeps better track of things that I ever can. She is worth her weight in gold! I would highly recommend her to anybody who is allergic to paperwork!" - Agatha Malina, Studio Upstairs, Inc.

Pam is accurate and reliable and actually gets you the work when promised. She is more than a bookkeeper with a good background in general accounting knowledge."- Michael Moroknek, CPA

"She keeps everything in order and delivers on time every time!!" - Robert Schmeiser Treeco Associates, Inc.

"Her thorough knowledge of business administration and accounting concepts make her a perfect liaison between customers and the development team." - Steve Valente Programmer/Analyst, Friendly Software, Inc.